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Interested in joining us on our very first publications? Have a look at our submissions page for current anthologies and applications! Don't see what you're looking for there? Be sure to sign up to get notified when new Anthologies open up!
How we operate
Our focus in is on telling a story you can get lost in. It's tough to do that in two thousand words. As a result, we limit the number of participants in our anthologies to ten authors. This allows authors to write up to 15k word stories that can really pull a reader in and give them an idea of your writing chops. 
I'm a marketer as much as I'm an author. I love it. And as a result, you get a mini session with me as we go through the publishing process. This includes scheduling release emails and best practices around book launches, email marketing, and growing your list. I will also help you with your platform.
You'll be allowed to include one link along with your author bio in the anthology. I highly recommend it be a sign-up link to your newsletter.
If you want this assistance and have not been accepted into the anthology, please visit RavensQuillPublishing.com for more information. Authors who have worked with me get priority in the anthologies. 
As an author I understand how useful stories are in your marketing and to your readers. I also want to offer something to authors who sign with me which includes, my very own publisher run, email list. I started it with short stories I'd written and plan to use the anthologies to grow the list. What does this mean for you? When you sign the contract, you give Raven's Quill Publishing the exclusive rights to your story for a specified amount of time (usually 90-180 days). After that you're free to use the story as you see fit, but I will also continue to share the anthology in its entirety with readers and sell it on digital sites and as a paperback. So, keep that link active to catch all the readers I send your way!
I'm also open to donating profits or a percentage of profits to a charity, if you have a charity in mind, feel free to reach out. 
Marissa Frosch founded Raven's Quill Publishing (PGLS's parent company) in 2019. 
She also writes fiction under the names Angela Breen and Cameron J Quinn. 
She's the author of The Quitter's Guide to Writing a Novel and The Quitter's Guide to Marketing a Book, due for release late in 2023.